Gunther Grant makes jewelry with metals like silver, gold & platinum which are usually mined from the earth. Most people know (Or don't know) mining of these metals has contributed to drastic changes in the environment.

Air pollution, deforestation, water pollution and huge emission of greenhouse gases are only a few of the negative impacts of mining.

Gunther Grant has taken a more conscious and responsible approach to help save our environment. Recycling silver instead of supporting new silver that has been mined has been a game-changer for Gunther Grant.

Gunther Grant uses recycled silver and have reduced our carbon footprint to help save our planet.

Mining of silver has expanded considerably in the recent decades to meet the ever-rising demand of silver jewelry.

Mining of silver causes environmental disruption since heavy machinery creates enormous open pits (And fuel exhaust). It also requires land clearing. Countless trees have been chopped and destroyed to make room throughout the years.

This leads to deforestation, contamination of water & impacting the surrounding ecosystem. Due to deforestation, several natural habitats have been destroyed, putting both the animal and plant life in grave danger.

Metal mining consumes a massive amount of electricity and energy and dangerious chemicals like liquid mercury. The continual smelting and processing also emits harmful greenhouse gases and has considerable impact on air quality, water and alters the ecosystem balance. Acid runoff from the mining process can be damaging for the animal, plant, and human life.

When we compare mined silver and recycled silver, the latter wins the race by a huge margin. Recycling silver can reduce harmful emissions that contribute to global warming by 300 to 500 million tonnes.

Silver recycling is significantly less harmful in terms of CO2 emissions and pollution, as well as consuming significantly less energy. Recycled silver, like all recycled metals, can help save plants, animals, and ecosystems while also lowering CO2 emissions, toxic waste, and energy use.

It is high time to re-think the way we craft our jewelry. And Gunther Grant has take that journey towards sustainable & responsible jewelry manufacturing and recycling silver and gold is a crucial step.

Gunther Grant now only uses the highest quaility silver that has been sold by consumers as price rise and Gunther Grant buys that silver at a slight premium over NEWLY MINED silver bars that is the cause of so much global damage.

The highest quality recycled silver from Well known makers is used to create our unique line of castings. Every GNGR casting certificate will now include a thank you to our customers for helping to save our planet one ring at a time.