Gunther Grant is proudly making the only true collectible political merchandise from 2016 and the next election. While we wait to see who the Democratic candidate will be, we will continue to add more TRUMP styles and themes to the collectible list. ALL our castings are made right here in Las Vegas USA! Using ONLY silver from US mines here and in Arizona. SInce we are owner operated and have a very low overhead we can offer better items and better quality for LESS then can be bought from China.
We also will list some of our favorite items we ship worldwide. Custom pieces available with no minimums for corporate or special functions.
Large solid sterliing silver pendant its "YUGE"
2" x 2" with necklace.
Hand signed by artist and individually numbered with corporate sealed certificate.
Available on line.

STOP supporting NON USA businesses making Trump merchandiese overseas- Support AMERICAN MADE!

Large solid sterliing silver pin back, its "YUGE"
2" x 2"
Hand signed by artist and individually numbered with corporate sealed certificate.
REPUBLICANS DEFEND YOURSELF! with the call to VIOLENCE against US citizens by ELECTED Liberal officals, a cival war looms on the horizon for simply shopping or going out to dinner. It's time to PROTECT yourself with the STERLING SILVER - TRUMP DEFENDER RING. If attacked by a crazy liberal DEFEND yourself and also leave a lasting impresison "on thier forehead". YOU have the right to denfed yourself, so do it with some political message as well. Novelty with HIGH collector value.

Hillary Clinton 2016 election pin or pendant. Sterling silver.

To be fair, we are offering the 2016 democratic candidate who ran against TRUMP. We sold only 8 of these compared to 1000s of TRUMP items but still we feel the need to be FAIR and BALANCED. SO with out any negativity we are offering this great piece from this histoic election..
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TRUMP STERLING SILVER RING - Solid and over an ounce of sterling silver.  Choose RED WHITE OR BLUE. Or buy the collector set of all 3 with matching #s and certificate and gift boxed. 3 ring sets #0001 to #1000 (only 1000 limited edtion sets). Will need ring size when ordering. 3 ring collector sets with no ring size will be size 7, this way it can be ground out to any large size so the set can be resold to anyone with the need to have them resized. All sterling, USA, .925 and signature will be on the outside of the ring in case you need to resize the inside.




NEW EQUIPMENT has allowed us to drop our prices drastically

TRUMP defender ring. Solid sterling silver over one ounce! custom made, numbered, stamped with the USA flag and made in USA! sterling copyright. Available on line.