Gunther Grant is proud to present the


This will be a series of 10 different themed jewelry castings the likes of which have never been offered.

Each of the 10 styles will be limited to only 100 edition pieces totaling only 1000 in the entire series.

Each one is hand carved and each of the 100 pieces per edition are all slightly different.

No master molds are made for this series.

Series #1 - FUK OFF

(Designed by multiple requests)

Each ring is custom cast per size needed. Each ring is a massive 133 grams, about 4 1/4 ounce each in solid STERLING SILVER.

Each will come with gift box and Gunther Grant signed certificate.



Edition #001 SOLD

Edition #002 SOLD

Edition #003 Available Now (seen in images)


Edition #004 - #100 Available not cast yet

Edition #007 Pre SOLD

Edition #013 Pre SOLD