BRACELTS 53-55 (click here)       CUSTOM logo and designs 56-62  (click here)


56.  Round (9)
57.  Square (9)
58.  Rectangle (9)
59.  Large Shape (19)
60.  Wings (14)
61.  Lapel pin (6)
62.  Rings  (16)

Any shape, any color, any size! sculpted or fine line art, we can do it all.
NOW you can create your own indentity logos for your store or as additions to purse and jacket zippers for deisgner items.
Offer these to your corporate clients who are looking for a lage or small quantity order and don't know what to do. They can now offer their corporate logos as awads, customer gifts or emoployee years of service.
Weddings, birthdays, any event! With NO MIMUMUMS you can cater to customers smaller lower budget needs and still secure orders.
Email us for info! Its easier and less costly then you can imagine!